Getting started your move

  • Sort and purge your items

    Now is a great time to get rid of all of those unnecessary things that clutter up your drawers and closet space. Cleaning your things out not only saves the time in packing extra boxes, but you can also get a little extra money from selling off those extra items.

  • Keep your important documents in a file

    Everything from the leasing contract to utility bills to emergency contacts to your children’s school records. Keep all of that separate so that when you need to move, your documentation is in one quick and easy to find location.

  • Get your packing supplies together

    Everything from boxes to packing tape and bubble wrap to markers that label the boxes needs to be ordered in advance to save time. This also includes “speciality” packing supplies to pack electronics and appliances as well as wardrobe.

  • Measure your new place

    Take measurements of your new room to find out where your belongings will fit. Make sure that not only those large pieces of furniture actually fit through the door (even if you have to “Tetris” it) but that they fit well within the room.

  • Reconfirm your moving appointment

    Make sure that everything is set up, the movers have the correct addresses to both places, and that the correct start date and time are confirmed.

  • Get things packed

    There will always be “last minute” items, but make sure that the bulk of your packing is already complete. Set aside fragile or needed items so that they do not get added into the jumble of the moving process, and will be readily available as needed.

  • Label everything

    You bought the markers, now make sure everything is labeled. That way, getting items into the right room will be a cinch.

  • Have your change of address form ready

    Ensure that your mail moves with you by getting a change of address form, or updating online. This will keep your bills and magazine subscriptions with you, but it’s always advisable to call each bill and magazine to ensure that everything is set up on their end as well.